pic: The face of Taranis

Beware of Taranis. He loves to gobble up tubes of all shape and sizes.

Paint the tread on the bottom like a tongue, then it would be complete.

The first thing that came to mind was sometime like:

Can I haz Uber tubes??! k, thanks!

But that just didn’t seem to fit…

Awesome, it’s great to see another team utilizing klikos! I take it that the klikos in the picture are not permanent, I’m assuming that it just wasn’t pop-riveted at the time…

Paint the tread on the bottom like a tongue, then it would be complete

I’m confused. It is colored red, so it’s a tongue.

Yes, the Cleco is just there temporarily. It has been riveted.
We have about 300 Clecoes to use. And believe me we use them.

Looks like a deer from a Far Side cartoon… love it!

P.S. What is a Cleco?

The klikos seen in this picture are near the bottom of the lexan ears. They are used as a placeholder to keep something where you want it before pop-riveting. In this case, it’s likely someone drilled those holes, expanded the kliko, put it in and let it fit into place. This way the part can’t move away from the hole locations.

(The kliko is that cylindrical looking copper-ish thing, and there are 2 of them)

Navid, the correct spelling is Cleco.

A Cleco is a temporary rivet. It allows to assemble/disassemble your part to your hearts content. When you have the part ready to assemble you remove the Clecoes (a little at a time) and insert rivets.

As far as I know, Team 1501 is the only team that uses a fully monocoqued robot.

Thanks Wayne, but I am familiar with them. We have plenty and we used hundreds of them this season alone. I think you’ll find that your spelling is not the only one around. There are products that we use which are brand-named “Kliko” and “Kwik-Lock”

Cleco may be the spelling you are familiar with, but some of the ones I use actually say “Kliko” on them, this may just be the brand name. I really don’t care what they are called, I know what they do and how the ones I have seen are spelled. That’s good enough for me…

Taranis Aurus Rex?