pic: The Fighting Rednecks

This is our logo.

May I suggest less farmer and more mullet? :wink:

Notre Dame should be proud. :cool:

:smiley: Thats Awesome! :smiley:

i like it
put a first sign on the hat

haha, nice.

I applaud your creative name. this tickles me :smiley:

Here are a couple of thoughts from a mentor whose entire family works at a family-owned feed and milling company here in the Austin area.

This is a stereotype that I have worked ‘against’ for many years regarding involving the community, the businesses, and the families/students in FIRST Robotics.

The image is a stereotype and the name is a stereotype. How is that going to play during recruitment? How is that going to play when interacting with teams from around the world, on a global playing field? How is that going to play during the scholarship application process for colleges and universities?

A redneck is a redneck. A redneck image is a redneck image. I have tremendous respect for farmers and ranchers and their impact on communities and beyond. This image and name is one that is limiting rather than providing opportunities for unlimited potential. It is a caricature.

As I said, my family is steeped in the community of farmers, ranchers, and good hard-working people. Just the type that will thrive on an FRC team. Don’t let the name or the image thwart that possibility.


I really like this! Its amazing…first logo on the hat would make it so much better!
Way to go and good luck this season!

  Our team is based in rural minnesota 5 miles from the canadian border...70% of the land around us is farmland

i dont understand how this is any different from using any other group of people as mascots. what about the Florida State Seminoles? the University of Illinois Fighting Illini? any of the thousands of high schools with the mascot of “the warriors?” i dont really see much of a difference from that… only that its slightly more entertaining.

I get that. The family store used to be surrounded by farmland here. No longer.

And, this image has reached beyond the rural land and into the FRC community. The FRC community is made up of many teams from many places. Names certainly can reflect where the team’s roots are, that is true. Just make sure the team image is one that girls, educators, administrators, sponsors, and other communities rich with diversity, will understand, accept, and support.

Stereotypes are a challenge in today’s society without helping to cultivate them. That is all that I am saying.


Our high school mascot is actually the warriors…

exactly. and i dont see a problem with that, i was just making a point :slight_smile:

Regardless of the opinions expressed above -

you have most likely violated a copyright / trademark or other protection -unless you received Notre Dame’s approval to modify and use their mascot. ?

Well, let’s explore this just a little further and then I will hush.

If one buys into the vision of helping to change the culture, bringing science and technology and its value/importance to light in our schools and communities - that is a tall order for an FRC team that is interested in building robots and competing. If a school has sports teams and mascots and traditionally promotes those teams, their history, and their value to the community - is that changing the culture or - is that status quo as old as the hills? The names/logos/mission statements and activities that FRC teams brand themselves with can help their communities develop and change or they can help them remain the same, keeping recognition of science and technology in shadow rather than in the light.

Rednecks, I do not mean to pick on you in any way - I am just offering a different perspective and perhaps some food for thought.


Edit: I was writing while Chris posted. This comment is not about the copyright post.

I find it quite ironic that we’re discussing the appropriateness of names in regards to stereotyping and imagery on a website named ChiefDelphi…

I happen to agree with Jane. I don’t really believe that the word “redneck” is giving off the proper aura. I would consider it a deragatory term. Using a deragatory term such as this also opens up other terms that are widely used, but considered more offensive, to be up for use with such the same agruments as this one. As a mexican, I’m really against stereotypical terms such as “beaner” and can relate to what Jane has said.

Does this name meet FIRST rules? It can be offensive to some people as has been proven so far.

Just a thought, Why not something like The Fighting Farmers or The Rural Agitators. lol:D

I am sure that they were not attempting to offend anyone with their name, people can find fault in anything if they read to much into it. It is just a joke about the fighting Irish and a good one, I want a shirt with that logo.

I don’t understand how redneck is an offensive name. Many people who are “rednecks” happily refer to themselves as such(I can be a bit of one sometimes) and wear it as a badge of honor. It’s true that it is a stereotype, but not all stereotypes are bad. Stereotypes are a very human development that allows people to create categories and groups in their minds, to draw associations and make connections between people.

The problem is when those stereotypes are negative and insulting.

i see Jane’s point
think about putting the name in a collage application essay what if the person reading it see it as a derogatory term

also if students are on a team of “rednecks” are they going to even think collage is for them??

don’t let cd decide if it right, talk to your team about are concerns and take a vote