pic: The final...final match

This was during the semifinals. I thought it was the last match, but 25 would have been in there…so anyway, anyone who saw the last match, which was a lot of people, knows how awesome it was. 25 and the others on that alliance really went at it to try to come back. It was a great effort. Awesome job and congrats on making it to the finals.

Sorry thats not the last match of the Championship.
You can see that is 175 on the ramp and 341. That was the first match during the semi finals.

Sorry bout that…I couldn’t remember and just tried to guess…I didn’t pay attention to the details;) Thanks for pointing that out.

silly julie:)

You can tell it’s the first match of the round because we (Wildstang) are running our sweeper program to get rid of all the opponent’s stacks while 469 is taking care of the wall of bins. In the 2nd match 111 & 65 both went for the wall of bins.