pic: The First Big Decision


The First Big call of the day! Is 2 Robots hanging or is 3 Robots Hanging.

I forgot the call but I do believe all 3 were hanging. The call came when the referees were debating whether or not Team 25 was supporting the other 2 robots. The refs moved 25’s robot out from underneath the other 2 and was then declared that the 2 were supported by themselves. As for 25 I believe they did hang as well

Yea we were definitely sweating that match. I dont think the ref’s gave 25 the hang, cuz they are touching the platform. Someone told them to take out 25 and see if the other would hang, and that was that

Wasnt this one of the YMTC scenarios posted earlier?

Your correct, 25 did not get a hang since they were completely on the bottom platform. I believe that was the match team 25 melted some insulation off thier wires. We knew before hand that Daisy was resting on team 25 so even if 25’s robot didn’t appear to go on fire, we would have pulled them out to see if they were hanging, and they were.

Right, our robots electrical system burnt and there was smoke. Since 341 was resting on our arm, it forced one of the wires into our gears causing it to burn, which in turn affected the victors and arm motors. No hard feelings to 341 though, it was definately not their fault.