pic: The first documented quadruple balance

The first documented quadruple balance of the season. Thanks to 45 for providing the practice field and thanks to 3940,234, and 447 for making this happen.

This was a fun night of practice ‘bot balancin’. Thanks to the TechnoKats for their gracious hospitality, and to team 447 to help us all practice, even though they are not competing at the Championships.

In the picture, left to right: 234, 3940, 447, and 461.

Andy B.

thank you 45 for the great practice field this was really fun

Man, if 1501 was there …

… it would be riveting.

1501 was there that day. Just not their robot (it’s in St Louis at the moment).

Thank you to everyone who helped organize the robot play date. Good luck to everyone! Glad we could be part of the first 4-bot balance.

How about 4 on 4 matches for championships? The quadruple balance could be worth 60?

Will we see the first double quadruple balance?

Andy Baker can balance 4 robots…

Thats because, when Andy balances by himself, he counts as 4 robots.

IRI version of Coopertition? 4 robots on Coopertition bridge nets both alliances 4 Coopertition points? :slight_smile:

Very impressive balance. It almost seems to me that the robot on the left would need to be hanging off more to balance out the two on the right.