pic: the five way hang at IRI

As if once wasn’t enough, these two alliances hung five robots on two different occasions.

Was there ever a 6 way hang?

As great as the finals were, I thought this semifinal pairing was the most entertaining by far. Two alliances that just wouldn’t quit, back and forth…they were awesome!!

No. I don’t even think there were two alliances ever on the field capable of doing a 6 hang. 5 was the most and that was in the finals/eliminations.

Thats absolutely beautiful. I really wish I came this year, but I am certainly gonig to make an attempt to come next year. :slight_smile:

Question from Pi Mom.

Was there ever a 6 hang this season? Or even another 5 hang? Just wondering? Any pictures?


I can’t think of hearing anything about any of those, except at IRI–2 5-hangs and no 6-hangs.

Pi Mom! :slight_smile:

I think the most has ever been 5 hanging robots in a match.

That’s amazing!
We couldn’t even kick, much less hang.
Better luck next year!

(Congratulations, by the way.)


Looking back on this picture, i’m getting a Michigan vs. Canada vibe… which is problamatic for me, because I’m from Canada but living in Michigan.

Also color appropriate too.

Well Michigan has 3 up and Canada has only 2 :yikes: (I’m joking of course because Canada is a strong force). Congrates to all the teams that could hang this year, we never managed that even though we have 2 hangers sitting around in the shop.

Does anyone happen to have video for this?

The stream was archived on ustream. Videos posted at http://www.ustream.tv/discovery/live/all?q=irievent

I do know that this was in the semis (51 was in for 70). Go just over halfway through http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8337624 and watch from there as the battle royale started going. Somewhere around the 2:29:XX mark should do the trick.