pic: The Friarbot mkIII [1168]

A picture of the Friarbot mkIII in its current (and hopefully final, although I'm sure we'll probably rebuild it completely at Chesapeake) incarnation.

Are those bungee cords hanging off the back? I hope so – I told our team someone would do that…

Just this afternoon I sketched a tetra-grabber pretty much like yours. It makes so much more sense to grip from the outside rather than the inside.

Nice 'bot.

I hope those pneumatics will be tied down a bit.

Yup. We were having difficulties getting our arm to lift the weight of the tetra, so we added the bungee cords and now it works. Thanks.

Yeah, that’s like the last thing we’re doing today pre-ship. (A few of us are getting out of school early for crating and other last-minute items.)