pic: The Fridge

You all have been asking - so here you are
The official picture

WOW, it’s built like a real soda dispensor!
Put in a dollar, pull the long handle and get a 5 point ball. lol

Very cool. Can’t wait to see it Saturday. Had to work on Friday ($@#$@#$@#$@# it).

I reminder 303 last year design was one of the best robot layout I ever seen.

303’s robot this year is scary. At a first glance, you might find yourself a bit unimpressed. When it goes on the field, however, you’ll be picking your jaw up off of the carpet. It plays the game. It does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it darn (edited by JJ) well. Awesome robot, guys, as always.

I like how you can hold two rows of balls verses the usual 1 that most teams that had a chute type thing for holding them could do. :slight_smile:

Great robot!

It looks almost exactly like our robot. Except for the fact that ours looks like it got dragged through a fishing net. By the way what is that thing on the back that reminds me of a strecher.

What exactly is the back part for? I can’t figure it out.

Theres a unique design. It looks scarry.

basicaly, the back part sucks up balls and spits them into the front part. this bot won the new jersey regional, it was amazing- nobody else could uncap a mobile goal, drag it under the chute, and then cap it as effortlesly as these guys could.

Oh I see, so it can’t store a 2x ball and gather balls at the same time then.

Congrats 303 and 56 and 237! You guys showed everybody up without your robot ever hanging. We will be in philly with you guys

I went to the NJ Regional today just to do something, and I was so impreesed with how your robot performed. Great design, can’t wait to see you in philly