pic: The Front Page of the Clarkson Website


If you go to www.clarkson.edu, you will see this picture! (if you refresh enough times :p)

Congratulations! That is a really nice testament to your team…

(And how many pictures did the photographer have to take before he got one of Joel smiling??? :smiley: )

Maybe they bribed him by offering him a new laptop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, guys! (I’ll refrain from the inevitable ‘Joel smiles?’ comment)

unlike my more cordial friend, I wont…

Whoa its Joel and his is smiling… I’m at a loss for words

Cool some well deserved recognition!! :slight_smile:

Though I wont comment on the “order” of people in the picture…

And I want to know… where the heck is chris?? :slight_smile:

But you all look great in the picture, almost TOO professional! lol … should have the bot with ya!

Chris, Eric and myself just aren’t pretty enough. :frowning:

I just visited the Clarkson booth at my school’s college fair, and picked up their info booklet… and this picture is in there, too!!
It’s an awesome picture!

Great Job guys - about time the school recognizes the team and it’s accomplishments!

More schools should encourage stuff like this.