pic: the future of hall monitering


this is what team 842 is working on right now. we are trying to run this robot off of the internet.

you might want to look at what the robotics institute of carnegie mellon U. has out as their new robot interface. TeRK The Te standands for Telepresence. The QWERK controller, of charmed Labs, immediately upon power up looks for the internet via wifi and connects. One can then control it and provide two way feedback via the internet.

I’m on a terminal on a break during classes at UT San Antonio so I can’t post a link at this moment. I’ll try and post one tonight. :cool:

4 hours later and I am home. Here is the link.

WHich year did this robot come from, it looks like it has seen alot of action.

Judging from the style of light that is on it, it’s probably from either 2001 or 2002.

id geuss 2003, the short stature looks adept for the ramp part of the contest, The revolving light signifies that it is pre '05 .but i might be wrong.

what sort of wheels are used on that?

the year is 2005 and it has been through alot of action becaue the other day i crashed it into a pole on accident but the robot isnt fully built cuz we have sum more things to put on it

two of the wheels are from the 2005 competition

I thought it was a newer bot from seeing the backup battery, but the globe light threw me off, thanks.

no problem all we need to do is a little more programing put sonar oh yea and re paint it umm theres more but i kant remember rite now

Wow, pretty cool. It was also really fun to watch at the Robolympics today. Good luck with your progress!

yeah that was really fun. thanks