pic: The 'Golden Tube' at the 2007 Beantown Blitz



The “Golden Tube”: The field at the beantown blitz will be the same as the normal 2007 FIRST game “rack n’ roll”. However, we will be adding 2 additional spider legs on the side of the field located opposite the scoring table. These additional spider legs (2) will be located outside of the field, with the spiders ‘foot’ approximately flush with the edge of the field.

The legs will be located at the center of the field, approximately 5 feet apart. There will be a red spider leg and a blue spider leg. The red will be located on the side of the field closest to the blue home zone, and the blue will be located on the side of the field closest to the red home zone. These legs will be approximately the same height as the middle row, and will be on chains and able to swing like the normal rack. Now what do we do with these 2 additional spider legs???

The winner of autonomous mode, meaning, the alliance that scores more keepers than their opposing alliance, will have the “golden tube” placed inside of their drivers station, approximately in the same location the spoilers are located. What to do with the tube is up to the discretion of the alliance. However, this tube will be worth a bonus 25 points for the alliance whose leg holds the golden tube.

The golden tube CANNOT be spoiled, however it can be removed, and placed on the other bonus spider leg. The golden tube can be entered onto the field at anytime.

IN THE EVENT that no alliance wins autonomous, meaning each alliance scores or doesnt score the same amount of keepers, the golden tube will be placed on the ground, near the side of the field, approximately centered between the red and blue player stations. This will happen with approximately 1:00 left in the match.

The golden tube is just like any other game piece, meaning it cannot be grabbed by 2 or more robots at the same time.

We hope that everyone will enjoy our game change at the 2007 Beantown Blitz. Questions…comments…anything, please express your opinions freely.

disclaimer: there is a possibility that the scoring system will not allow for a 25 point bonus to be inputed…if this does happen we have a back up plan, but for sanity’s sake we will not cross this road until we come to it…meaning we’ll inform everyone at the blitz…HOWEVER, the additional spider legs will not change in size or location, and the golden tube will remain the same

See everyone at the 2007 Beantown Blitz!

This is fabulous. I always thought there should have been some sort of bonus for placing a keeper in autonomous mode. I think this should be a really exciting way to do that. This should fix (what I saw) as a minor flaw in the game. It’ll be interesting to see how the golden tube points compete with the ramp bonus points.

So I have a spoiler, a keeper and a regular tube. Now I have to find a gold one to… man this is going to be hard.

Thats a great idea

the golden tubes are going to be “custom made” aka spoilers spray painted gold

Will there be video of the matches at Beantown Blitz? I would like to see one of these matches happening with a golden tube.

Good Luck

Wow, that sounds awesome! Remind anyone of the auton bonus last year?

It’ll be really interesting to see how teams factor this into their strategies, ay?

wow that sounds so cool…def. get videos of that and post them when the time comes!:slight_smile:

its the golden snitch!!!

that should make for a quite interesting game.


Awesome idea! I love it!

Fabulous idea! It really makes teams work for their autonomous modes. Plus it adds a whole new strategy for the normal game play…defending the “golden rack”. I think it would’ve been nice to see this all year!

To steal from the Digital Goats (829), will that be the One Ring to Rule them All?