pic: The Great FIRST Food Pyramid!

It is two in the morning, and I was bored. =)

So here is the Great FIRST Food Pyramid, based off the five basic food groups of FIRSTers during the build season: Mountain Dew, Donuts, Pizza, Metal Shavings/Grease, and then Everything Else. :wink:

Oh man, still can’t stop laughing. Bravo Art, bravo.


HAHAHAHAHA, its soooo true too. I would like to make a minor suggestion that Mountain Dew occupy the entire bottom :wink:

wow this is hilarious and crazy enough true for many of us.

nice job!

Oh my :yikes:

I hope those are Krispy Kreme donuts, Dave may reject this pyramid altogether if they aren’t!

Wow tha is sooooo true… that reminds me i better get my donut servings soon :slight_smile:

HAH, that is great!

Fantastic work, great job :smiley:

Looks like I need to go on a Grease, Oil, Aluminum diet. Gotta go do a donut run too.

If this is the Food Pyramid, we now need an exercise plan.

(Also a sign you may have been in FIRST to long if you agree with that pyramid.)

Amen to all of it. I got a friend who almost managed to make a Mountain Dew IV.

The only change i would make is to alter the Piz to include something about Fast Food if Pizza is not available or expired.


FIRST Exercise Plan](http://www.segway.com)

I’m actually part of this committee that’s responsible to create a ‘wellness plan’ for my school district, and this is exactly what I needed! Thanks! :smiley:


they way the 1390 students eat it, I would have thought “cheese” and “pepperoni” were two separate food groups.

There are not many krispy Kreme donut shops up here in the north east (at least north of Connecticut). Just mostly dunkin donuts

well done on the art and so true.

Glad I wasn’t partaking of any Dew, or I would have had to clean the spew off the monitor!

LOL Good Job Art!!! lol its beautiful tear :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I’ve already been asked for a higher resolution copy by a team who wanted to print out a large 18"x24" copy to hang in their shop, I converted this to a PDF Format for ease of printing. It is still a raster image in the PDF, but it is at nearly triple the resolution. You should be able to print out a nice wall poster from this. :cool:

Here’s the link: http://team228.org/index/documents/The-Great-FIRST-Food-Pyramid.pdf

If you do print out a large size poster of this, take a picture of it in your shop and send it to me. I’d love to see how many teams hang it up in their shop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Art, you were around last year. You should know that no such thing as a FIRST Food Pyramid exists. FIRST Food Tetra on the other hand are an entirely different matter. :smiley:

That’s funny! I actually started to write The Great FIRST Food [strike]Pyramid[/strike] Tetra, but all the [strike] tags do not work in the Picture Gallery. :frowning: (At least not until we get switched over to CD Media. Then they will work. :D)