pic: The "hair-stylists" and their masterpiece


For those who were wondering why I had blonde hair taped to my hat all weekend, well, this is why. Barbies’ hair was too long to look like Brittany so we cut it. And I got the hair.
People in picture are Aaron from 86, Brittany from 180, Marc from 86, and Victoria(me) from 108.

…The friends you meet through FIRST. While scouting the pits on Thursday morning, Aaron, from team 86, brought it to my attention that SPAM Barbie’s hair was too long, and she needed a haircut to become my twin… so it was trimmed with wire cutters.

Then safety goggles were assembled, and her hair was liberty spiked to match mine was on Friday.

Mark (86’s human player) has told me he is still pulling the blonde hairs from his jacket pocket.

Crazy weekend, congratulations to everyone, and a standing ovation to everyone…especially the mentors on team 86, who “spiked” for FIRST.

Heh… so much fun, eh? I was really busy, but wanted to help out a lot. My girlfriend, Lacey, did some one from team 97’s hair. Mark offered his hairdryer, but unfortunately we didn’t need it. :frowning: How much time did you all spend doing hair? I know Lacey spent about 3 hours total on my hair for the 3 days at the Championship.

it gets faster the more heads you’ve done… and it depends on how much hair, and how much hairspray is needed. mine probably took about 40 minutes, and I watched as one girl had a 2 foot mohawk created… that was an hour-and-a-half piece of artwork.

but all in all, it was so much fun, and so worth it. first gives us the excuse to show spirit, and go crazy… and the best part is how everyone is just used to it at the competitions. most people would never go to school with hair all spiked and colored, so why not try it during a competition?

…the best part is going out to dinner with the team afterwards, the stares, awkward glows, and endless questions. pleanty of photo opportunities as well. (I stopped counting the number of pictures I had taken with random passerbys at 65…no only if I could find them)