pic: The highest score at UTC?


QF match 2- Team 195, 228, and 236 received 96 points with no penalty points.
Is this the highest score at UTC Regional?!

lol. I made the call at 1:21 PM and I was right! :slight_smile:
Nice job Team 195, 228, 236.

That was an awesome match, but its team 236, not 235 :rolleyes:

FIXED, thanks. :slight_smile:

Team 228 would like to congratulate all the team that competed at UTC this weekend. Based on the scores posted it was one of the best regionals so far. We were very proud to be teamed up on two different alliances that had the two highest scores at UTC. In a qualifying match 228 assisted our alliance with scoring an 87, also. Sorry, lack of sleep is making this mentor a little forgetful. Will the other two teams in that qualifying match post in and get credit too. Thanks again to our alliance partners teams 236 and 195 for a great run at UTC! Next time we’ll crack the 100 mark!

OK, Coffee’s kicking in! It was qualifying match Q40 and the alliance was 178, 228, and 271! Thanks again to everyone! And a final congratulations to our sister team 1071 Max on their win.