pic: The Holy Cows' Founders Award

We’ve been putting together a banquet at a local night club to recognize team members, sponsors and parents. I got the awards in on Friday and decided to post a picture of our ‘Founders Award’. Like the ‘Founders Award’ FIRST gives at Championships it recognizes the sponsor that has not only done the most for our team, but FIRST as a whole.

that looks so cool. I’m think I’m going to get some trophies or plaques made for our FLL state championship here in NJ. Maybe even something to give out at FRC comps. Where did u have this made?

That is a very pretty award. I hope the recipients display it proudly each year! Do you heep a running list of the Founder’s Award Winners on your website?

On of our sponsors is the San Diego County Sheriff’s Printshop. They did the engraving, I did the design work.

This is the first year we’ve done a banquet like this, so it’s the first time we’ve given out this award.

Since the banquet was held tonight and the award has already been presented, I can say that the winner was BlueChip Machine & Fabrication who was one of the sponsors who got our team off the ground back in 2005. They provide about 50% of our machining resources (the rest coming from our collaboration with 1572) and have supported 7 other San Diego teams in some capacity over the last 7 years.