pic: The humble wrench

I’ve seen many great pictures of CADed robots this season, and realized that the tools that we use to build them don’t get enough credit. So here is a tribute to the battle-hardened wrench. It can be used as a crowbar, a hammer, a pointing stick, and also as a wrench.

Very nice render! Good work!

bows How humble!

Freshman persuasion stick*.

Dont forget its most important use.

A grade nine beating stick :smiley:

EDIT: Akash beat me to it… Great minds think alike. Maybe next time i’ll read through the whole thread before commenting :wink:

The Wrench for President!

Thanks, I’m learning SolidWorks, and this seemed like a good idea!

And also as a wrench :wink:

Hey >:l

Freshman power!

Don’t forget noisemaker and attention-grabber (plus anger-venting fodder).

What you guys don’t have a paddle to “Encourage” grade nines to deburr?

I broke ours on one of our students… :wink:
Which reminds me… I have to make a new one for next year… I think i’ll start designing it.

Its also pretty good at fixing things… just sayin’

Is your model parametric, so that you can drive dimensions for a wrench of any size from a table? Since this is a learning exercise, making the model parametric would be a good goal. Might even lead to useful results, or at least to interesting artistic combinations.


(Ooh, really bad pun.)

Can you recommend how I would go about doing this? I didn’t even know this was possible! I had just stuck with a size 22, because taking measurements was easy.

Well, now that you are talking “measurements”, please include the size on this beauty. My suggestion…“7/16”.


Step 2: Make it a 7/16 ratchet.

Thirded! (Is that even a word?)
Step 3: Make your entire tool chest!

jk, but seriously, great work. I’ll show this to some of my newbies in CAD for inspiration.

If it isn’t it should be.

While changing a variety of parameters based on a table would be one way to do it, you could also create multiple configurations of the same part. I’m not as well versed in SolidWorks as I am in Inventor, but I believe this is the way that professionally modeled parts (like screws, etc.) are given multiple sizes.