pic: The Invasion Begins...


Our Flare mentor Amy on the left, and students Jess and Graeme after an hour or two of hand drawing safety glasses and our team name/number on all these ducks!

Ooh!! Dibs on a 1511 Duck!!! :smiley: I’ll add it to my collection of purple ones, pirate ducks, and devil ducks to name a few. :cool:

What regionals are you going to be at handing these out? I’ll have to remember to stop by early on Thursday if I can.

These ducks are going to be our “special” giveaway at championships! Keep an eye out for our contest to win them there… and also watch out for our camo spray-painted army men at regionals! (We are going to FLR & Boston!)

I like contests. lol Thanks Kim! I’ll be on the lookout for that.

See you in Boston!

Hmmm a robot commanded by ruber duks. couldnt be. lol. looks like u guys had fun. I cant wait for FLR