pic: the inventor file

The concept looks good. I am slightly concerned about the length of the 2nd stage of your elevator. (The stage with the arm connected to it.) I would recommend having a larger overlap, or span between the contact points for that stage. The cantilevered load is quite high, and the “wheelbase” for that stage is very short. I think you’ll find that the contact points will be under a LOT of load, and will tend to bind up on you. If you can lengthen the engagement of that stage, I think it’ll help you in the long run. I’m also hoping that you add some diagonals to strengthen mounts for the elevator. What motor(s) are you using to raise the elevator?

Best of luck!


Are you using Taigene motors to power that gripper? I see two, and we’re only allowed to use one…

we dont know yet which motor we will use for the arms,
for the elevator we will usa cim motor with a planetary gear.
this is a 3 part lift and it wont be exactly like it is showen… we r using frame instead of the 3rd part (with thr arms).
thank u guys for the notes.

Is there a special material you are using to get grip on the ball? It seems as though it is very difficult to get anything to get a secure hold. Great design by the way, reminds me of old 2004 robots.

nice… that is similar to the arm we were thinking about building … but after thinking about it… we decided that it was going to be dificult to accomplish

WOW what an amazing arm!
Whos’ the genious that suggested that :smiley:

JK, i’m a part of that team.

And yes, we are using something that is gonna assist us in friction on that ball, and it’s working great (the even greather thing is that currently i am the only one on the teams who actually knows what it is and how great it really works!)

Very nice.

I saw those grippers and was reminded of a huge bubble wand. Now, wouldn’t that be cool if it could also blow these HUGE soap bubbles??

The bubble wands aren’t made out of aluminum, are they? What’s the wall thickness? Just looks like they would be obscenely hard to fabricate…and they could definitely be made lighter

Have you found a source for the Taigene motors?

That’s something strangely similar to what we’re doing.:ahh:

It really only needs a motor on one side of the gripper…and you could make the other side spring loaded so it fits in the starting configuration size limit, but also will bend over several inches to allow the ball to be centered (as you run the motor on the other gripper)

i don’t understand what u are saying .
the arms need to rotate back and forward and also open and close on the ball.
how can it be done with only 1 motor?

Oh, I didn’t realize the need to rotate, so what I said was wrong…sorry!

If the arms only need to rotate over the lift when the lift is in the full up position, then you could connect both sides together with a shaft, and then you would only need one motor. I can not tell enough about your design to know if this would actually work, though. Does the center part slide all the way to the top of the channel?

now i see, we thought about it but it wont work with 1 shaft.
what u suggested might work i will check it out!
thanks alot!