pic: The IRI Krispy Kreme Challenge


For those who couldn’t download the video for whatever reason, I think this picture sums it up.

“when in doubt, pinkie out”

Amanda you would have totally taken him had you had done them 2 at a time…although everyone should have seen the look when i offered her one later that day (priceless)

Just as a note, the caption contest related to this picture is located over here.

I wonder if Amanda wants a rematch?

Amanda: “See if you can guess what I am now . . . I’m a zit.”

“Foood fiiight!”


<edit: ugh… this was intended to be put in the Caption Contest thread>

Wow Andy, you know you are old when you quote Animal House.
Oh wait… I recognized that… oh no’s I’m old too!!! :ahh:

Look at Dave. He’s gonna be the new spokesman for Burger King, he’s giving his one finger salute.
<me> wonders if anyone else saw that commercial</me>