pic: The Jerry Smyth Award of Excellence

Team 1501 (THRUST) will be awarding four of these “hand-made” trophies at the BMR. Bring you GP and you might win one. Good luck all.

Very Cool.

Can you give the CD community the background on Jerry and the awards?

What, only 55 rivets? :smiley:

Looking good guys.

Can’t wait till BMR. See you there, 1501!


Can you give the CD community the background on Jerry and the awards?

Jerry Smyth was our mentor that introduced us to Monocoquoe (def. One Skin) construction. He passed away last year after losing the battle against cancer. He is very muched missed. I decided to dedicate the awards to him.
The triangle, circle and square were constructed using monocoque. The plaque is solid walnut in the shape of Indiana.

Nice Job!!!

Jerry would be proud.

Here are all the winners and pictures:

Best Racer: 1646

Play of the Day: 2040

Best Hurdler: 931

Best Automous: 1024

Rivet Contest
Flash Drive Winner (sorry I didn’t get a name?)

1024 would like to thank 1501 for this great honor. It’s in our trophy case at McKenzie Career center nestled in with this year’s regional win trophys and and judging trophys.

I feel bad we aren’t going to see you guys in Atlanta… wouldn’t mind seeing that awesome catapult (and paint job!) in action again.


p.s. Partially because we got such a cool award from you guys, we’ll be awarding 8 teams with the first team awards we (1024) have ever given in Atlanta this year! :slight_smile:

On behalf of Precision Guessworks Team 1646 we would also like to thank you for the wonderful award. This past weekend when we took it to the Great Lakes Regional there were several people who were amazed at how awesome it was. Thanks again THRUST!