pic: The Juggernauts Score Some Major Points

At Kettering District Event today we were able to take a great shot of The Juggernauts scoring on an opposing trailer.

That is a cool power dumper

I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT!!! I was there.:smiley:

nice shot of the robot scoreing.

You can thank my mentor for that shot. He doesn’t have a CD account, so I posted it for him :slight_smile: .

Now, now, now, what about us? :stuck_out_tongue: We had a fair amount of dumps like this. :slight_smile:

Great picture. The Juggernauts really got that going as the district progressed.

Thanks from The Juggernauts for posting this Alex, and please thank your mentor too.

We literally passed inspection just a few minutes before our first match and then we had to use our first four matches as driver tryouts. By Saturday I think we had the 2nd best dumper on the field, next to you guys.

You guys had a good robot.

Your human player was near unbelievable. I think we could count on one hand the times he missed over the weekend.

You guys and 65 both really improved over the weekend and were a real threat in the eliminations. I was very nervous in the semi-finals after losing to you guys once.

You guys were great. We were scared that you’d unload on us the entire time, so we stayed away from you.