pic: The Koko Ed

Hopefully this will catch on.


pssstt… Joe, that’s the Koko Ed :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow…I’ve been putting off doing this for so long…I wanted to be the first one besides Ed himself to do “The Koko Ed Pose” but I guess you guys beat me to it :(.

Maybe we could start some kind of dance using this pose…

arent your fingers and hands supposed to be doing a cat like claw as well as having your arms in the x formation??

Me and my friends have been doing this for a while… we call it the Malcom X

That is the X-cats Pose!
Also known as brand X

I aint taking credit for what was the X-Cat’s in the first place.

that reminds me of the rally scene in the wall with the marching hammers and what not

I actually wasn’t posing, I was just pointing out that Wayne signed my arm.