pic: The LocTite Monster

We found out last night that LocTite eats through the robot controller, the Spikes, and the Victors.

I find it hard to believe tat LocTite did that. Did it really? It looks more like it got hit really hard w/something.

Please Search.


I’m just wondering why you chose to use loctite on the speed controllers? Their really doesn’t seem to be a need for them if you use self-tappring screws, or bolts with a lock-nut on them.

They were screwed through thin lexan, so we need back nuts. We had no aircraft nuts at the time, so norma nuts with locktite was the answer. The amout of loctite used was indeed excessive, but still, the results were just not what we expected.

It is now history…but a lesson we will NOT soon forget!


The same thing I believe happened to us when we used lexan and loctite. The stuff just cracked at the holes.

If you find you need to LocTite screws or bolts into plastics or there’s a chance the LocTite can come into contact with plastics (remember it doesn’t take much to react with certain plastics) it’s best to wrap teflon tape on the threads. You don’t need a lot either, one wrap will do. This will prevent the fastners from vibrating loose and still allow them to be removed if neccesary. If you have access to the back side of the screw or bolt you could use a nut with a nylon insert.

personally I would not use locktite on any electronics - there is too great a chance that you will have to replace them between matches - they are all susceptable to failure from a number of causes - and when you need to swap them out, you need to be able to do it quickly.

if anything, put double nuts on and torque them into each other. You really cant tighten down the screws on the electronics or the plastic cases will crush.