pic: The Mohawk

Me with the teal armband (turret operator) and the driver with the MOHAWK…
I think we gave Mark Leon a new hairstyle idea!



Nice, The Devil Duckies have been styling hair for about 6 years now :smiley:
Mark Leon even gave us his phone number

oh thats sweet…!
our driver grew his hair out for the sole purpose of making the mohawk for the FRC
haha and hes going to prom like that too!

you guys should come down to Hawaii Regional…Mark Leon Mc’s here.
and thats awesome you guys have his number…
call him and see if he remembers our driver haha naw you dont have to.

yeah weve been doing that for like 4 years… nice mowhawk just a little odd in the middle looks nice what you guys use we use got to be freezing blast hair spray and a blow dryer

Like the previous two teams, we’ve also been styling our hair for quite a few years, and we even dye it green! We got a sponsorship from got2beglued and they gave us a massive amount of hair cement. For our hair coloring, we got a 50 % discount from a company that has amazing hair spray, it comes out great! Look for spiky green hair at Atlanta lol

haha well thats great
not too many mohawks at our hawaii regional though…

just wanted to put that up there…
maybe see you guys next year down here in hawaii!

Come down to San Diego!!!
Everyone on our team does their hair, i have some pics from last year in vegas of some of the team members. i personally grow out my hair long, it’s seriously like 2 feet long during robotics season.

We have tried to get a sponsorship from Got2Be for the longest time :smiley: The girls hair on our team is always amazing too.

dude thats super awesome!
yea the girls hair is pretty killers.

if we get enough funding… then yea… its just that ship something from hawaii to the mainland is costly…
but its something our team has wanted to do