pic: The most unlikely wheels on Einstein

I promised a long time ago to upload photos of these wheels that were used for 13 matches at worlds, including 3 matches on Einstein. If you want to hear the story behind how these wheels got covered in epoxy and sponges you can click here to see the thread I posted after Champs.

StuyPulse is currently (AT THIS VERY MOMENT) competing at the China Robotics Challenge. If you would like to watch that you can find the stream here.

And I thought we were having real issues during Einstein. next week we are going to open for the first time the gearbox that broke in Einstein QF match 1 that we replaced. I will post a photo:D

That isn’t a mecanum wheel.

I was expecting a Lunacy wheel…:rolleyes:

I can think of one Einstein those were definitely on.


Technically, wouldn’t lunacy wheels have had a bigger representation on Einstein (as drive wheels) than mecanums? Even as non-drive wheels, maybe.

What a heroic wheel! I thought it had been packed with chewing gum when I saw it at first…

Wow. As long as they worked it’s a good fix, right? Congrats again on winning Curie! Good luck in China!

Still waiting for hot dog wheels!

Seriously, that is an amazing pit crew patch job. If I were with your team, I’d make a bunch of buttons with this picture, and the phrase “The Ugliest Wheels on Einstein”, and wear one with honor.

Unless someone can tell me of another time where a team with wheels held together primarily by epoxy made it to Einstein, I think they’re about equally as likely (as, to my knowledge, 2015 was the only year a mecanum bot made it to Einstein).

In fact, if you go by wheel count (as we only destroyed two wheels) you could say that mecanum wheels have actually seen more representation on Einstein than yolo epoxy wheels. :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically mecanam wheels where on Einstein this year; some teams used them for their Boulder intake.

2590 also had a mecanum intake on Einstein in 2014.

These wheels were one match away from Einstein: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/24706

Nope, but 2171 was running them and were Finalists on Curie that year. IIRC 2015 was the first year of mecanums (and Kiwi drive) on Einstein.

How did 2171 get a hold of them a year before?

That’s hysterical, regardless. I was joking.

Team 1671 the Bird Brains were the fist team to actually field a mecanum drive base on Einstein carpet in all of FRC in 2015.

I was speaking of Mecanums, not Lunacy wheels.

IIRC 2512 was also running Mecanums?

At least from what I saw on hopper they were…

edit- yes they were:

It’s a tie then as they both played in Match 1 of Einstein 2015… Unless you want to count physical touching of the carpet, which I think is missing the point :stuck_out_tongue:

Two hot takes for this thread which somehow became a discussion about mecanum wheels:

  1. We won’t see mecanum wheels actually touch the carpet on Einstein again for quite some time, if ever - at least at North Champs, maybe the depth at South Champs is limited enough to make it work?

  2. Mecanum drive, properly coded with a good gyro and control scheme, was almost strictly better than a traction drive in 2015, particularly if you played in the landfill. Teams that had the ability to implement mecanum, but chose not to, were at a disadvantage, but made up for it in other areas (intake, etc).