pic: The Motherload


Ohhh… soo many in one place. Must press!

Those are nice… but I’d rather have the elusive WIN button! :stuck_out_tongue:

I currrently work at staples and for some reason we can’t keep those silly buttons on the shelf. People come in and buy 5 or 6 of them at a time, and every time we get a truck with a shipment we get 1 or 2 boxes of them.

For those of you who haven’t seen these, you can pick one up with a donation of $5 towards the Boys and Girls Club of America.

But if you REALLY want to talk about the Motherlode of Easy Buttons, you need to visit Staples HQ. When you walk in, there’s two staircases on each side that connect to a walkway on the 2nd floor. Hanging off that walkway is in very large letters “We make buying office supplies easy.” The “easy” is actually an Easy Button about 6-8 ft in diameter. I admit, I gasped a little when I saw it :slight_smile:

Which is a more appropriate place to but the button, on the robot or on the control board?

btw Adam I told you they’d put it up eventually

I would have passed by that shelf and thought “Oh, that funny and cute.” But I wouldn’t actually buy one. I am amazed that people are buying these things by the half dozen.

i think it would be a good addition to the robot controls, open it, put a limit switch inside and have it posistion your arm or ome other necessary task. I bet every regional will have atleast one team with an easy button.

It’s a silly question, but it must be asked: do they work??? :smiley:

We had a button like that on our controls.
We called it Dan’s. It’s an inside joke towards our driver. It would put X-WhAAAt back into her home position. I don’t think they ever used it though.

Yea they work, they sound annoying.

OK maybe I’m the only one not getting this: so they work…
but what do they do? ( make a sound, possibility of being wired as a switch?) :confused:

They say “That was easy” when you push them. Hm I think I’m going to need to get one for the sheer novelty of it, but take out the batteries so I don’t get too terribly annoyed.

I almost bought one to take apart to put on the control board, but then I decided I’d wait. Hopefully I’ll hitch a ride to staples and see if I can get it to work :rolleyes:.

Doesn’t it just make you sick that people who think up stupid junk like this are now millionaires?

On the flip side, I do plan to go buy one :smiley:

We broke one apart a few weeks ago, and attempted to put it into an Xbox controller. heh. that was pretty cool.

Corey… do we have pics of that?? There was nothing to it in case anyone is interested… All it is is a pressure switch of some kind (idk… I’m not electrical, and I didn’t have a hand in the actual disassembly - I just saw a bunch of parts on the table) and a circuit board and a battery holder.

I think the most expensive part of it was probably the custom circuit board that stored the sound of “That was easy”, and of course the commission for the guy who’s voice that is.

And of course, for anyone who was at Bash @ The Beach last weekend, you know the easy button was team 237’s good luck charm that day and helped up win it with 1511 and 181.

Everyone had to press the button before all the matches in the finals…

Superstitious anyone? lol :slight_smile:

wonders if they have them here in staples
i’ll look tomorrow, need to get a new keyboard

come to think of it that would be a cool team trader if youfind the company who makes them and have them put the teams number and name on it and give it out as a souvenior =)

  • or -
  1. if you people are up to it wire it to the operator interface and use it as an auton button for a simple robot program (maybe dead reckoning - if needed)

  2. a button you could play by the equipment next to the on off switch so that every time your done ueing the tools and turn the tool off you push that button afterwards =)

  3. or you just slap it on the back of you programmer and hit it everytime you come up with a complicated program for him to write

=) just don’t hurt the programmer

whats really funny was i walked by a bunch here on the island and was wondering what their actual purpose is now i know

i put one of those under my dog’s bed, and he couldnt figure it out for about a half hour…the first time he got scared and wouldnt go near his bed (even tho hes a 100lb dog) and then he finall got so crazy and attacked his bed…he found it and chewed it into a million pieces, but it still makes the obnoxious saying…argh!