pic: The Mountain Dewbot - 1

What’s green all over, blasts music out through two speakers and a subwoofer, and screams across ski slopes at 16 feet/second? The Mountain Dewbot! Designed and built by my father and myself to help attain new sponsors for our FRC team, this robot really “amazed” many of the people “high up” at New England division of Pepsi Marketing. (We even had one executive fly in from Colorado just to see the robot when we unveiled it at the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge Easter Championships at Loon Mountain, New Hampshire this past weekend!)

What’s inside?

Its not RC?

Nice bot,


It is RC (we’re using a 2004 IFI FRC control system), but we grabbed the wrong year’s OI modem before we left for New Hampshire! :ahh:

can you take more pic of the insides and post them

Nice. At first I thought it was a pimped out segway!


Great, now I’m just as jealous of you as I am of the guy who owns this. Pretty cool, though. Gives me a few ideas on how our team might be able to raise money for FIRST.:slight_smile:

it reminds me of the robot which the mythbusters made that looks much the same except bigger scale. It had a full sized drink machine on top, and shot cans out through the dispensing slot… kinda interesting, anyway, nice bot!

that was the coolest robot ever. it almost made me sick when Jamie would take it apart to use the motor for certain myths (falling elevator).

hey, do you have any blueprints or the likes for the drivetrain and track system? i’m thinking of doing something similar this summer, and i was thinking (before i read this) of using ski-doo tracks.

Sick robot, I wish you guys had it built for the MDVC at mount southington, that would have been cool:D

Seems michael bay and steven speilberg liked your idea. For those of you who didnt see it, the new Transformers movie featured a few seconds of a mountain dew dispenser that turned into a robot (and shot mountain dew rockets at people).

Great minds think alike guys!

That is pretty sweet. Is it waterproof?

Yes we kept the base pretty water proof, since it was designed to drive on snow. We’re currently adding some extra ventilation to the base, to aid in dissipating heat from the victors and motors.

The superstructure is going to be modified to add a t-shirt launcher. Stay tuned! :cool:

very nice!