pic: The new sign in hammond


This is the sign that was dedicated to team Hammond by our mayor on 7/13.

You know what, I am THRILLED beyond belief to see a city recognize their team. I know Zeeland, MI put out a sign for B.O.B. (Team 85) a few years ago. Too bad more cities don’t do something like that to recognize the accomplishments of their teams. Kudos to Team Hammond and the city of Hammond.

ya great job with gettin the sign and bein recognized! Last year when we won, we tried havin our mayor let us put up a sign sayin that kind of stuff, but the the mayor and the alderman or our city didnt want to have a sign put up. You guys are very lucky to get a sign and stuff.

correct me if im wrong, but Beaty won championship in 2002 and not in 2003?

We were all pretty happy at the unveiling. The mayor was there and he said a couple words along with some people from the school city. They then pulled off the cover (which was duct taped on) and a round of applause broke out (even from some guy driving on the street next to us). Everyone, for at least a half an hour afterwards, just took pictures of the drive team/whole team/mentors crowding around it.

We relized that too, but it is being changed as we speak. It was just a simple mistake.

Wow! Amazing sign - I really wish more and more towns would support their teams like this. Around here we have so many for Baseball and Football Champions, it’s a shame we can’t drive across Rt. 6 and see all of the Robotics teams listed along the way. :hopeful:

Thats so cool.
I cant wait till i goto hammond next time and i’ll have to get a picture of my self by the sign!

Can I ask what it took to get the sign? Did your team aproach the city about this?

Actually, at the Hammond Team Banquet this year, the mayor proposed painting ‘Rosie the Robot’, Hammond’s mascot, on the water tower. After being told that would be too expensive to the city, the mayor announced he would put up two signs, at the entrances to the city (from Chicago and from Indiana). He also awarded plaques to each of the students, proclaiming their names and displaying the local newspaper’s coverage.

Although I can’t speak on behalf of Team Hammond in any way, this was personally a great moment.

I think it was a terrible, horrible waste of money by the city. What would posess them to spend money on a sign for a robotics team like Team Hammond? If the mayor had put the slightest forethough into it, he’d have realized that he’d just have to buy another one next year. :slight_smile:

That is awesome.

Congratulations to Team Hammond, you definitely deserved it!

I think FIRST should move its headquarters to Hammond to recognize the “FIRST Robotics City” (also because I could drive up and help design the game if help is needed) :wink:

Hats off to everybody who is or was on team 71 :smiley: .

Your lucky if the SCHOOL remembers your team (fortunately the principal at Wilson is seeing to it that they do).

The daughter of my school’s principal was on another FIRST team, so that helps her remember us, as for the school, not so much… yet.

Great job Hammond, you’ll need a bigger sign after you win next year, though. :yikes:

::gives max the squinty-eyed look…:: :stuck_out_tongue: It was so nice to actually get recognized by the mayor. I dunno, maybe he just gave us the sign because he’s new or something. But the sign(s) should be fixed very very soon, if they’re not already.

congratulations to all of you on 71! i wish our mayor cared that much…heck, i wish our mayor was even a town resident…

but anyway, thats amazing, congratulations once again and keep up the great work!

I would like to officially announce that personally, I am very jealous. Congratulations Team Hammond, what an incredible thing to bring even more pride to your team. :smiley:

I am jealous too. Heck, with 461, we can print our achievements on every building of purdue (with still more to print)…

…If we use 2000000 size font. :yikes: hahaha, JUST KIDDING.

With hammond changing its sign, it should do it the Indiana way (which is gluing on a plate which says 2005 on it). Then glue a plate to that plate (which says 2006), and in a few centuries, Hammond can have an arch (accross the wide road to the right) of plates telling the years which they won nationals. Just an idea guys! :smiley:

But don’t worry. The sign will come to purdue! (I wish :stuck_out_tongue: )

I agree with the sentiment that it’s a waste of money to shell out for a sign that will need so many updates. :smiley:

Someday, there’s gonna be one of those signs sitting in Irmo. Someday.

That’s incredibly awesome. It’s great to see FIRST get that kind of recognition. It’d be nice to see more cities like Hammond recognize a great thing like FIRST.