pic: The Ninja Munkees Present: RINZLER

FRC 2395 is proud to present our entry for the 2013 competition.


-8WD belt driven chassis.
-Modified direct drive Vexpro Ball shifter transmission.
-14 FPS Adjusted high gear.
-6 FPS Adjusted low gear.
-Modular lexan blocking system for full court defense.
-Dedicated 30 point climber 20 point dumber (See OKC for shooter).
-10 inches per second loaded climbing speed.

-It has a twin named Tron.

Video will be posted sometime after we compete at Hub City.

We will be competing in Lubbock and Oklahoma City this season.

Good luck everyone!

See you on the field.

Looking forward to seeing this in Lubbock.

The first time you climb at 10 FPS (loaded) the whole arena will go nuts. That’s crazy fast.

Nice to have someone built for blocking the full court shooting guys as well.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what that 10 fps climbing datapoint is referring to.
Surely you don’t scale the pyramid in ~1 second.

Wupps! Thanks for the catch! That’s supposed to be 10 inches per second. :o

Really? A climb in under a second? Really? Pardon my disbelief, but as the saying goes, pics or it didn’t happen.

Edit: Whoops, guess somebody else asked first. Thanks for the clarification.

I’m still having difficulty seeing a 10 second climb…especially when the current record is ~21 seconds.

Can’t wait to see you guys again this year!

Our winch system lifts the robot from one level to the next in less than 3 seconds. However our latching system does take several seconds to engage each level. So no, we will not be climbing in 10 seconds, but we do travel at ~10 inches per second. Sorry for the confusion.