pic: The Ninja Munkees Present Ryujin 2011

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfLuNDBC3kw

Even after moving into our new home at Metro-Tech late in the build season, I’d say we’ve made a pretty darn good robot :smiley:

So here we go, specs…
currently 10FPS single motor per-side drivetrain (subject to change)
4" wheels
can reach all 3 levels of pegs
autonomous in development and will be tested before competition
mini-bot… You’ll see :wink:
Claw is made of graphite and alodined aluminum
robot is mostly 80’20 frame with composite supports and structural members for rigidity

See you down in OKC :smiley:

Garrett, congratulations to your team for growing so much in the past year, it has been cool seeing continued growth in the past two years. The robot is impressive, and your community outreach growth is just as impressive.

Looks like someone can give 935 and 704 a run for their money at OKC.:yikes:

Great work guys. What is that practice facility with all the planes by the way? It looks awesome!

It’s great to see some local teams really raising the bar. Can’t wait to see it in action downtown!

Thanks Akash, that means a lot coming from you.
I would love to give 935 and 704 a run for their money… I would love even more to give everyone else a run for their money WITH 935 and 704 :smiley:

The airplane hanger is right in the middle of our workshop, between our main build room and our composites/paint lab.
Metro-Tech is an aviation construction school on the grounds of our city airport.

That is just AWESOME! Must be a great atmosphere for learning and teaching. Good luck at OKC.

Good looking robot! looking forward to seeing you in OKC!

thanks Jon! We can’t wait to see what you guys have as well :smiley: