pic: The obligatory "Ken Leung Sleeping" Picture

Again Ken? I thought me harrassing you for the past year from doing it at last year’s IRI would’ve taught you a lesson :-p You should be glad I couldn’t go or else I would’ve so kept you awake.

Last year:


…at least he gave someone else the laptop to score with this time… :wink:

They weren’t lying. Ken Leung doesn’t sleep.

I hear ya, Ken!! It was a fun/exciting but long weekend. :slight_smile: GET SOME SLEEP!!

Funny…his arm’s not transparent like in the other picture (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=276878)

Funny part is that, despite the change in shirts, both pics look the same. I’m starting to think he does that on purpose…

When you had 2 hours of sleep the night before between 2:xx am and 4:xx am, after a day of flight between 7:xxam and 4:xxpm, I would like to think I have an excuse to fall asleep ;-). I think it was either that or I would have to start stabbing myself in the leg to keep myself awake.

Or maybe the benches at IRI is just too comfortable.

Not to take away from Ken’s thunder, (or lack of as it may be) but in the first picture, the one from this year’s IRI… is someone drawing on the person’s shirt on the bottom of the picture???

Someone care to explain?

Dez, is that you who’s shirt is being drawn on? I can’t tell…

I’ll say no to that. Definitely not too comfortable, after 2 days of sitting in them.

I’ll second that. My tailbone STILL hurts!!

ROTFLMAO way to go Ken…2 years running! :stuck_out_tongue:


Next year I’m bringing a pillow.

Not as uncomfortable as standing up the entire 2 days. Those bleachers felt pretty comfortable after 2 straight days on my feet.

I second that … the tough part was getting back up AFTER sitting down for a bit … (at least for us old guys …) :wink: