pic: The only triple Ubertube hang in autonomous

On the last match of the finals our alliance successfully hung all three Ubertubes in Autonomous but to no avail.
Thanks to Team 292 and Team 451. It was one wild ride.
Congrats to Team 2081, Team 234 and Team 2040 on the win.

that was very impressive! we knew we were in for a competitive match once we saw that!

The triple hang was very exciting and extremely welcome at that point of the competition. As Wayne said it did not change the outcome of the match. Congrats to the awesome #1 Alliance 2081, 234, and 2040 they worked together very well and with the two fast mini’s they were unbeatable. Thanks to 1501 for selecting us to join them and 451 for finishing the #2 Alliance. The Boilermaker Planning Committee deserves a big thank you for the awesome competition. One idea that was used in the pits was to place the Rookies robots across the aisle from the “Old Veterans” it was a great idea. I know many of the veterans helped the rookies with the completion of their robots and getting them inspected. Thanks to all of the volunteers for keeping us on time and in some cases amused.

This is not the only occurance of a triple hang, it also happened at Kettering.

Arizona had 3 working autonomous robots in the eliminations, with 842, 330, and 2662 doing it repeatedly.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch, wherever it happens

it was also done at BAE by 177, 1519, and 176 in eliminations

Proof of this (thanks to Daniel Ernst for his awesome pictures of Kettering!)

We (33) hung the two on the left, 2137 hung the one on the right.

It was also done in Florida and in Baltimore. Congratulations to you all!


Now if we could get 1 robot that could do that… It would be awesome!

Just so there’s no confusion, 175 (Buzz) was the alliance captain, not 177 (Bobcat). There have been several alliances to get the triple ubertube hang fairly reliable - it is definitely exciting! :slight_smile:

That moment really got everyone going in the stands!

If I recall, West Michigan had 5 Ubertubes up.

No pictures though. Sorry.

We did that (with an alliance of 74 and a team i don’t remember) at West Michigan. I’m sure there were pictures, but I haven’t seen any yet. Our photographer is banned from taking video of our auton runs because we always miss it when she’s recording =P An exciting moment for sure!

I believe that was in our semifinals match 1 (1918,27,3357 vs. 226,74,3452)

I’m pretty sure at Alamo in Week 1 that it was done several times. The most memorable times is whenever 148 is hanging two ubertubes and 16 with the third one.

Also, at Lone Star last week 2936, 2857, and 3320 did during quarter-finals too.

That’s 175, 1519 and 176!!!

Also at Kettering…

Qualifications match 72, had three up, all on the top row.

2137, 302 and 494.

around 4:37 of the video.

Although seeing the Bee’s do two by themselves is still impressive.

Also fairly certain that the 217,2056,1518 alliance did it at FLR too.

Hopefully we’ll see some more of these at the Michigan State Championship.

I expect we may see 3 Ubertubes at each end some time at the MSC.