pic: The only two Poof balls left in NH....

…and I’ve got them!

Only two left in New Hampshire? The fact that we’re running out the world’s supply of these balls before Monday morning is slightly worrisome to me.

Maybe we need to ask IFI to hoard whatever it is we play with next year.

Quite scary, here i thought it was going to be easy to run to the local stores and get some. I’m sure those involved with making the game thought so too. lets see…1000+ teams…ten to forty balls…

Nice shirt Grady…Hows that workin out for you?

Has anyone noticed that these balls are WAY more expensive than they should be? Someone is makin some $$ off these…


Funny story about the shirt…

I recieved that shirt on Christmas from my mom…eventhough I am a huge Patriots fan.

After going to Sears to buy tools and look for balls, the cashier made a very similar comment…to which I replied that I wore the shirt as a joke.

Also I think this old woman who was our waitress at Bickfords this morning was hitting on me because she commented on my shirt and growled like a tiger.

I am not a closet Jags fan, I just had a Jags shirt in the closet.

This is gonna get ugly if Poof doesn’t produce more. Were they notifed of this competition?

Can you imagine in 10 years when FIRST baloons to the size of 50,000 teams? Toy companies will pay HUGE $$$ to FIRST to have their products used as a game pieces. I mean seriously if FIRST says that a certain companies teddy bear were next year’s game piece, and any bear from any other company was illigal, that company would make a fortune from eager FIRSTers suddenly buying up every bear in the country.

I know that’s not neccicarily an issue now, but in the future when FIRST explodes in membership it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out. All that said, I love poof balls :slight_smile:

Actually it could turn out to be a big money maker for Poof right now. You figure on average teams are probably gonna pay about 6-9 dollars, and then some teams will buy say 100 and most at least 10, so thats at least 60,000 dollars probably. They really could make a lot of money.

Yeah, I went to Toys R’ Us last night. Only 2 7" balls left. There was a soccer ball style one too, but it seemed to be a bit larger then it should be.

Wow! I never would think if I went to a toy store and wasn’t able to play a lil poof basketball with my friends using the poof ball display as a net, but that’s another story. I wouldn’t never expect to not see at least 50 poof balls I mean their always there. Its kinda funny. Yet scary for teams. :yikes: