pic: The Pink Petunias!!

On Friday night we all went shopping at target, Dick’s sporting goods, Joann fabrics and a dollar store to create our ensembles for this intense dodgeball match against FRC team 71. This photo was taken after the match was over. luckily, the Pink Petunias won! (I was the coach)

Is it bad that I first saw this picture and thought “233 changed outfits?!” :wink:

Somebody’s going to have to post some dodgeball video at some point.

BWAH! That’s amazing. I’ve been waiting forever for someone to post a pic of them. I heard about the uniforms from Anthony (second from the end on the left) and I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t really see it on the webcast.

So many thanks for uploading! :smiley:

hey greg and corey… don’t you think those shorts are TOOO short for your crew?

Kim… you look fine, next year please add “sharpie” into the costume too.

… we all know team 25 wants to be Floridian, hence the pink jersey… (Pink team rocks my socks off)

I think its a connection back in time…1970s? :stuck_out_tongue:
or it might be that its easier to play dodge ball in… :smiley:

Lol, funny yet vaguely disturbing… :yikes:

It just doesn’t work for the two guys on the left.

hmmm, i got a picture of greg that i could use for something… :smiley: :smiley:

oops, looks like i messed up the tagging…and yeah. I make the outfits look GOOD. :stuck_out_tongue:

i wanna thank the rest of the Pink Petunias it was a great group of guys. we practiced a lot but in the end it was all worth it. and i especially wanna thank the mastermind behind it all our coach Kim she was also our official photographer. replica and authentic jerseys, shorts, socks, and headbands will be going on sale along with autographed photos and action figures as soon as the pink petunia’s website gets up and running.

p.s. i just wanna say this proves dreams can come true if you work hard enough

I find it so difficult to say you guys are my friends… haha.
… You all look … great? Haha.
Love you guys anyway =]

action figures…now thats sweet…not sure if i would want authentic socks…they would prolly smell