pic: The Pit Announcer


Well this is it, this will be the last year in which this old familiar voice will be heard. She is said to be retiring and leaving a new annoying pit lady in charge j/k. She had also mentioned to me that this has been the 1st. year in which she saw the playing field let alone Full matches played by us.

To the Pit Lady. May your announcing career live on. And we shall never forget you or your voice.

"WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE MUSIC OFF" - The Pit Lady in 2002 NYC Regionals

My first regional was the 2002 NYC regional… I actually kind of miss the blaring voice of this announcer. It really did add to the atmosphere. I hope she enjoyed her tenure with FIRST :slight_smile:

She did provide a good atmosphere, anyone remember in 2002 when she complained about a coffee cup that someone left on the table eh? It was hi-larious

I remember the 2002 regional well. My team, Team 549 was the culprit. She was awesome.