pic: The Pit Area

Calm before the chaos


Whoaaaaa look at our crate, looks insane

More and more, the crates are providing opportunities for the team artists to showcase their talents and market their team. The crates are also capable of being used in the pit efficiently as storage and work areas. Very cool. This photo is awesome. I love that calm moment, the energy is there but the calm still reigns. Briefly.

It looks so cramped compared to DC’s which were so wide open you needed a shuttle to get to the bathroom.

Nice Pic, seems very interesting. I should take one before the LA uncrating starts.

If you think that looks cramped, you should have gone to Phialdelphia the past few years when it was at Drexel. :eek:
NJ is roomy compared to that former venue for Philly.

As a former roadie that brings back memories…
Them road cases need more stickers! :smiley:

-p :cool:

When they were doing uncrating I kept trying to get the kids to clear out from the dock while the fork truck drivers were trying to move out the crates.
I gave the kids a very graphic example of what happened at work a few years ago where a very unfortunate young woman got her foot ran over on the factory floor by a fork truck and got her foot crushed as flat as holds up clipboard.
I drive a fork truck for a living. They are heavier than a car (the battery alone is over 3,000 pounds) they don’t move very fast but when they hit you you’ll know it.
My suggestion is when teams are uncrating, clear off the docks. It makes everyone’s job easier otherwise you are just in the way and asking to get hurt.

After those pits were filled, things were crazyyy! You had to give so much time trying to get through crowds of people. Good thing there were no emergencies… at least only a slight one for us:/