pic: The Point of Inspiration


A Luck Stone employee brought her daughter to VCU to see the team her mom helped sponsor. She was just staring at the robot, when one of the students asked her if she knew how it worked. After a quick demo, she started playing catch with the robot. She must have caught and thrown a moon rock into the hopper 30 times before we had to prep for the next match. The look on her face told me what we did this year was worth it. Is this young lady a future Junkyard Dog? I hope so!

While a terrific story, what is the relevance of the (fuzzy) picture of the tree?

I’d love to see a better photo of the tree. I’m wondering if it is the tree and its reflection. The point of inspiration is where the two trees meet: reality and reflection.

I know, time to go to bed…but that was what I thought about. It is a lovely story. Thank you for sharing.

Looks more like one of them microscopic organisms. Not sure which, I’m no biologist.

umm, oops? That was not the picture I intended to post. That’s actually my icon for my flickr account taken on the rim of the Black Canyon is Colorado. grumble teaches me not to preview my posts grumble
This is the photo I was intending to post: