Pic: The Precarious Ball

One of the orbit balls landed on top of a vision target at the Arizona Regional and stayed there for most of the match. Definitely one of the stranger ways to score in this year’s game, maybe it should have been worth a 10 point bonus?

wow…what team did that???
That is totally awesome

Well there’s something they can do for Autonomous @ IRI.

Was this picture taken at the end of the match?

Not to knock any PS skills if it didn’t happen this way, but it seems like they TRIED to get a Moon Rock up there, thus missing every other of their Moon Rocks being scored in a trailer.

Just curious.

I see what your saying lol. I’m assuming not though because Donut said it was there for MOST of the match. So it must have come down sometime.

Chris H. said it stayed up there for the entire match, as discussed here before the pic was released though.

In that case…I really REALLY hope this was a practice match.

This picture was taken after the match had ended so all the other balls in the trailer had been removed by this time. It did stay up for the whole match and as discussed in the YMTC thread it was scored for 2 points.

come on Donut, tell us when the picture was taken…Friday? morning or afternoon? Saturday?

Did that ball count in the score?


It was in the first half of the day on Friday, however I don’t know the exact match number it was in. Once I get to see our match footage later I can see, from the picture team 996 was on the red alliance for this match so there’s only 3 or 4 matches it could have been during.

Haha! Did they get points for that score though?

Edit: Silly threads answer my questions :stuck_out_tongue:

It must have been match 29. Our robot wasn’t working for our first four matches and the only one of those matches we were on the red alliance would be 29.
Red: 2840 996 2839 Blue: 1324 2375 2837

Wow. That is an incredible picture. That shot certainly defied the odds, didn’t it? :slight_smile: But we still haven’t established if it was up there as a matter of luck, or skill…was it intentional?