pic: The President meets MOE

Earlier today FRC Team 365, FVC Team 3053, and FLL Team 1677 had the opportunity to demonstrate their robots at the White House for The President Of The United States. Here The President accepts a Keeper from Moe-zilla, just before taking the controls himself and placing it on the top spider leg of the demonstration Rack set up in the Grand Foyer of the White House.

Wow. That’s really awesome! I’m assuming that the Secret Service went nuts and inspected the bot before hand, and had someone posted right behind the driver at all times?

That’s really cool!

This is a GREAT shot!!!

Is a story on this running anywhere tomorrow?


Ahem…“where are the President’s safety glasses???”

Yeah, someone was going to say it eventually.

This is a really cool pic. Digging the Prez’s tie, too. :slight_smile:

There are a few others that I will post when thye get cleared. Several members of the official White House press corps were also in attendance, and are starting to post their own photos. Some of the more interesting ones from Reuters can be seen here. Although the best one so far is here on Getty Images (we can’t post these directly on CD, since they are copyrighted, but we can link to them). The President’s expression is priceless, as Moe-zilla was approaching rather quickly at the time, and had just missed clipping a VERY EXPENSIVE crystal chandelier by about 1/2" during the approach.


Epic and awesome. Great job MOE

I have a feeling the faces that President Bush made in some of those photos may end up on Leno or other late night tv shows… :smiley:

This makes me like the president more for some reason.

That is the best picture I have ever seen. Ever. It’s moments like that that really drive home the meaning and excitment of FIRST


WOW. Now if we could get the president to show up at nationals…that would be AMAZING!


But yes, that would rock SO HARD!!! Imagine the press… and the expansion of FIRST!


WOW meeting president bush!

this is so inspiring me to work hard to win the VEX inspire award next year!

It doesn’t look like an expression of excitement to me… :wink:

President Bush’s face is priceless in that Getty image! I can so see that face dancing in the next Jib-Jab cartoon! Kudos to whoever was driving MOE-zilla at the time. You made my day!

This is great for FIRST and MOE + FVC and FLL teams. Very well deserved.

thats really amazing… i love the faces Bush is making in about 2 of those pictures though.

And Joe is right, that doesn’t look like he’s excited xD

Congrats MOE on just a wonderful opportunity! having the president come to championships would most definetly create a very large influx of guests at the competition. More awareness for FIRST! haha

This is absolutely amazing. Way to go, all who made this happen.

The last time that a FIRST team went to the White House was in 1997, I think. Someone correct me if that is wrong. Back then it was a yearly trip. Now, that tradition will pick back up.

This is yet another reason that the Chairman’s Award is the highest of them all.

Andy B.

Nope… the terror level was lowered to MOE green for this event.

ahaha I am hilarious.

Dear Mr. President:

You might have met some good friends of ours, MOE of FIRST Robotics. See, these people won the most prestigious award for our competition, the National Chairman’s Award. It is given to the best team there is, in character and spirit, as well as smarts.

You also might have met a little guy dressed in a blue, Dean Kamen. He’s the man that started this competition back in 1992, and fifteen years later is grown a lot. I mean “1,300+ schools” kind of a lot. He’s a really smart guy, and really wants his idea to grow even more. All it takes is $5,000 per high school and the program will pay for itself in a year.

How? Well, after the one year the program can guarantee the inspiration of minimum 1 student who will go into science and technology. This 1 student will then go on to input a minimum of $5,000 during his career into the economy, guaranteed.

We need you help, Mr. President, to continue to bring up teams like MOE. :]

You should have seen his face when Moe broke out with their “Moe Cheer”!

And how much would you pay for a picture of The President doing the “Joe Matt” ?!!! (just wait :slight_smile: )