pic: The President meets MOE

Let’s see how long this lasts.
If we could get the president to show up and do his job. Now that would be AMAZING!


We invited our Representative, Congressman Frelinghuysen, and he came for the first 45 minutes or so and really loved watching the robots - in particular FRC. I also know that a representative from New Hampshire and a senator from Hawaii showed up. Our congressman told us that the reason a lot of people could not come was because of the funeral for a congresswoman in California that afternoon. And there were certainly a good number of staffers. I’d say it was largely succesful.

Thanks for the shout out of congratulations to MOE, Occams Engineers, and Access 9 in response to our FIRST-sponsored trip to the White House.

I must add that, we are representing the thousands of FIRST teams out there, who worked as hard as we did during the build season and throughout the year. To every student who had to miss even more sleep to study for an exam at 2am, to every mentor who missed that dinner with the family, to every teacher who felt the guilt of leaving his/her class in the hands of a substitute while you travelled to an out-of-town regional, we are representing all of you.

It’s a shame that you could not be there with us in person. Every dedicated FIRST team member deserves the experience that our teams had. With any luck (and lots of hard work), FIRST will make this White House recognition an annual one. I hope that teams, currently working so hard getting the word out to their communities, inspiring young children, mentoring other FRC and FVC, FLL, and JFLL teams, interacting with their government officials, and awakening whole new areas around the world to FIRST, will have their day in the sun and be recognized, too.

But, if for some reason that doesn’t happen, the beauty of it all is that it is still worth it. To have a senior graduate, who has assembled a drive train when she hardly knew what a gear was as a freshman, who has gone from hardly talking to anyone to being your team’s Chairman’s Award presenter, or who has learned 3D Studio Max on his own and is now rendering with the best of them, is the best recognition your team and program can have. These individual accomplishments are what will change our culture.

Thank you teams for all your efforts this past season and previous years. Many of us truly love and treaure this part of our lives. Find ways to celebrate in your corner of the globe. Recognize people who made a difference. Make memories. Have fun.

The FIRST White House celebration was a recognition for ALL FIRST teams and the significant change you have all brought about.


It’ll be on The Daily Show alright.

I definately agree with ya on this one!
It goes to show how much FIRST has really evolved over the years; who knows… maybe we’ll have the President at the Championship even one year :]

MOE, yall are amazing… actually beyond that but I cannot think of a word for ya haha. MOE is just… MOE… better than amazing :cool: Way to go guys… your achievements are very much recognized.

Be careful what you wish for. Talk to the teams that were at the White House event about the security preparations. Then think about what that might mean for the Championships. Yes, having a President attend the FIRST Championships would be a very exciting and prestigious thing to have happen. But there is a real potential for the associated security precautions that would have to be put in place to have a very disrupting effect on the Championships. I am not saying that a visit by the President would not be a good thing, but all the impacts of such an event need to be considered.


Wow, congrats to all the teams who met the president! MOE, congrats on chairman’s too! You’ve been working hard on that for many years. Its great to see FIRST get attention in this manner… very cool. :slight_smile: