pic: The Pumpkin Contest- the line

some of the 25 entries made during the day

I hate to admit, some real neat artwork was done there. I did not see this stuff till the time we were taking down the field, and my reaction was “Holyy w0ahh this is just awesome”. All the pumpkins were good, good job teams

darn… someone forget to make a pumpkin with the saying “I am John-V-Neun” :rolleyes:

Are my eyes deceiving me, or does that one with the eye glasses have a little sign next to it that says Woodie Flowers?

Hahahaha, I do believe you are correct! :smiley:

Elgin, I thought the same thing! I’m just assuming it’s him with the glasses, the pony tail, and the tux.

It is, though, I forget which team made it. There was also one done of one of the Nasa guys who brought the field by the 303 parents. There’s actually a lot of pumpkins missing from that shot (including 1089s)

I was in a pumpkin carving contest and there was a special prize catagory for “best snowman”