pic: The Rack

The rack after the curtain was pulled back

Who else felt their mouth drop open when they first saw that beast?

I know I did. I hated it at first. But im starting to like it.

I agree. It has a lot of possibilities…

Everyone held their breathe and the entire room gasped as the challenge was unveiled. I am looking for the video.


My brain almost exploded when I saw it.

It’s big. It’s shiny. It looks like it be a nightmare until I saw the wooden version of it. This is going to be a fun game.:slight_smile:

Yes. Definately. It’s the most elaborate and beautiful field element ever…

I agree…“deadly beautiful” :cool:

Looks like a medieval torture device resurected

Can I use this picture in the Wikipedia page for Rack 'n Roll? Right now I’m using a screenshot of the rendered pic in the manual, but a real-life photo would be better (and be clearer in regards to copyright).

ya i dint like it at first either. but since i have to make one for my team to use for practice i found it as some thing i am going to have fun trying to make.
i cant wait till the competition to see the one they have and watch every one play on that one

its big

team 2227

When I first saw the rack I nearly died! I mean last year’s field was a lot simpler. I was so intimidated by it, now, I think I’m gonna have fun with this.

Hmm… I think it’s a sign that you don’t work anywhere near the robot when you aren’t thinking about how hard the game is going to be… you are thinking how in the heck you are supposed to have fun with a pool floatie out of the water. Heh, guess that’s why I’m a Communications/Chairman’s person…and why I’m not allowed to touch the robots. :o