pic: The Real 353 . . .


OK watch out . . .

560 HP
212 MPH
Unique Front Flipper
2650 lbs (OK, we’ll drill a few holes)
LOTS of Traction
Should take care of the ramp hogs . . .(probably the ramp too)

Actually this is our off season class project.
A concept car that competes at Riverhead Raceway(LI, NY)

What are the chances of getting through tech?

Meeting the weight limit?

Light placement OK?

Bumpers stout enough?

the light might be a little high but that doesnt matter when you’re over the weight limit.

I don’t think the front numbers are visible at 100 ft

Whats the traction like on the HDPE?

We can’t get a reading on the HDPE traction. It keeps flying over it.

Sometimes the player station too . . .