pic: The Real Karthik

My reply to "The Real UFH Ian Mackenzie" thread - this is what happens when you post a mildly embarrassing photo of someone who takes many more photos than you do, with a much better digital camera. This was taken February 23rd, so Karthik couldn't have been THAT bored…I guess he just finds cute monkeys and connect-the-dot puzzles really interesting…

(The girls, by the way, are the two daughters of our main electrical engineer.)

Soo Karthik, Thats what you were up to when you’d go off for hours to work on “Strategy”, while the rest of us were building a robot.

Nice one Ian.

Too bad babysitting isn’t on of the team role options on this site…Brandon?


You mean he isn’t there because that’s his favorite computer game? :wink:

Or possibly, he’s there for the delightful company of two young ladies.

He’s recruiting future team members.
You can never start too young.

Even they can’t resist his amazing Canadian charm. :slight_smile:

Fantastic :slight_smile:
Absolutely adorable.
What’s better than an attractive guy shooting the breeze with two cute little girls? Who knows, the monkey connect-the-dots skills could come in handy someday…


Or maybe he’s hanging out with them because he can’t resist their amazing Canadienne charm ;)?

Or should I have said “Canadiennes” since I’m refering to female/plural? Est-ce ils parlent francais en Ontario? Aidez-moi, s’il vous plait. Probablement les gens en Ontario parlent plus de francais que les dens en la Calafornie, n’est-ce pas :P?

Billfred…I think we have next week’s caption contest ahead of time…

Alright, I admit…I did sneak this picture into the caption contest hopper.

When it actually becomes a caption contest, on the other hand…(grin)

(C’mon, I like to let the stuff age a bit. Makes people think freshly. And Karthik doesn’t get all of the one-liners all at once.)

How much would you bet that the Bugs bunny cup is Karthik’s? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ian, Ian, Ian. Remember, I live with you. You may have the better camera, but I’m pretty good at embarrassing people. Just ask Amanda. :slight_smile:

As for the picture, what can I say? I love kids. One of our electrical engineers would bring his kids in every so often, so they could actually see their dad during build season. A lot of the time everyone was too busy doing their own things, that the kids ended up playing on their own. I always tried to make sure I had some time to spend playing with the girls. I mean, every kid deserves some attention.

And maybe I thought the children’s video game was fun…

So what if it is? We all know that Bugs Bunny rocks… :cool:

'tis true. and i wish we could post pictures of our own Lego league endeavours as well. but sigh tdsb privacy/media regs are there for a reason -_-"!

I think the specific reg is that you can’t post pictures beside names, but you should check up on that, Jeff.

Each year those freshmen look younger and younger don’t they?"

The fact is that the girls were teaching Karthik how to use the computer for more than email and chat. It was a good lesson for him as he had to learn mouse control and hand - eye co ordination. Those that have seen Karthik tripping all over himself will understand.

Kudos Karthik for attempting something new at your age (I now duck for cover). :smiley:

BTW Brandon, could you put Karthiks’ name into spell check. It’s bad enough that I type it but to have to see it again in spell check…

Karthik lost in a silent stream of consciousness…

“Whoa, this new 3d modeling software is keen! These girls have more design talent in their tiny little pinkies than Ian has in his whole body! Crab steering? Screw that - we’re going with Monkey Drive next year! I like monkeys. They make me laugh…blah blah blah blah blah …I am the greatest singer in the world [think Celine Dion character on SNL]…You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips…la la la la la…I wonder if I have enough gel in my hair…”