pic: The real Tytus

We were sitting at the airport in North Carolina. Flight was delayed by an hour. Tytus had the aluminum duct tape, so he started taping the bottom of his sandals. In less than 5 minutes, he was running around the airport sliding everywhere.

sliding arround there was awesome, but i was afraid that security was foing to get scared and tazer me. i had arefin push me across the carpet while getting on the plane too.

Tytus would have duct tape in that picture. :rolleyes:

Tytus is one crazy kid. But this past weekend was definitely fun and he made it possible. Every single time when we were getting on a flight, he would say “Dude, I hope we dont get in a plane crash or hijacked”… That kid is so well at jinxing it. :slight_smile:

that’s tytus for sure… always taping up his shoes… always see him sliding around Alanta in the pits too…