pic: The real UFH Ian Mackenzie

Here's Ian after we finished assembling the first of our 2004 SimSwerve gearboxes.

Sorry Ian, I couldn't resist…

Is his hair sliding off? :confused:

Staying awake for more than 48 hours brings out the best in us… :eek:

(Ah… a thumbs up from Ian! One wheel completed, 3 more to go) :wink:

weeeee… another one of of us… who likes to play with tools… and gives thumbs up when get done with something… :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure he got lazy and stopped after 2, then just used ball casters.
Silly Simbots. :wink:

Why are his safety glasses not on! That’s a big no no! HAHA :rolleyes:

My hand is holding the motors in place, but it works!

Woo late night making things work. :slight_smile:


That may just be the best picture I’ve seen on ChiefDelphi.

Holy crap.

I take it back; that’s even better than the 'NSync picture.

Give us six more motors in the kit, and we’ll try and come up with something… :wink:

This is my favourite picture of Ian. It didn’t quite make the cut for his UFH photo, but I figured it deserved some airplay…

Well, to be precise, we actually did build 4…but 2 of them went on the practice robot :).

why is that date 2000 01 01?

In all fairness, that picture was probably taken about 1:30 in the morning, after countless days working late. Now that I think about it, I dont think Karthik, Ian, Phillips, and I got out of there once befor midnight. We always did our best work after 1am.

That explains it!
They’ve been building this robot for 4 years.
No wonder they got it working so well.

The same reason that people have a blinking time on their VCR. Those guys at 1114 have a few mental roadblocks when it comes to technology. Lucky for them that they had Ian. :wink:

who doesn’t do their best work after 1 am!!! lol if someone does i wanna know aboooot it… all the best builders and programmers are making sheetz runs at 230 for some redbull the night before the preship event. i don’t think i went home that night. great fun guys!

i think ian needs some redbull!

Congrats to Ian. FIRST is an awesome thing to be a part of, and with people like Ian involved, we know that the future of FIRST is bright.

Your designs are stellar. When I got a tour of the 1114 robot this year at Atlanta, I was in awe. Not only is this design unique, it also performed very well in many matches. Then, these crazy Canadians go and post the design in the white papers for all to see.


Andy B.

I remember that night…

Karthik: “Nice gearboxes, let me take a picture!! Why is the date flashing on this camera…(5 min later)…I can’t get this thing to work. Ian pose for a picture with that thing you made. <click> I think you should put those gearboxes down and get some sleep, your starting to look like a mad scientist.”

Ian: “I won’t put them down. There mine…all mine!! My precious.”

Karthik: “Ok, you can take them home and sleep with them tonight…but this is the last time!!!”

Ian: “Ok”

Tyler: “Can I stop putting holes in our robot’s arm now”

Karthik: “NO!”

Ahh…what a great season.

ya, that was a good night. Ian finished the gearbox, I drilled a bazillion holes in our arm, and Karthik wouldn’t let me stop. Although we did make weight, those holes did come back to bite us in the $@#$@#$@#.

Hey Paco, you wounldn’t know anything about that, would you?