pic: The Red & Green at Ramp Riot

Angry Eric & The Phillie Phanatic coming to Ramp Riot November 2nd

There will be a clash of Red & Green during Alliance Selections at Ramp Riot on November 2nd. One of the Best MCs in FIRST will meet one of the Best Mascots in Sports. Who’s Excited!!! :slight_smile:

I can live with this. But will we need green bumpers?

Ramp Riot (2005) was my first ever robotics competition. I brought my eldest daughter, who had just been recruited into FRC 1640. It turned out to be a life-changing experience and I was hooked.

**Thanks for sharing that. **Because Ramp Riot is so close to the beginning of the new season, we have always felt an urgency to keep the competition a close simulation of the regular season.
Its always been our hope that Ramp Riot will be that spark of inspiration for every team’s rookies, whether they are students or mentors. :slight_smile: