pic: The Referees Taking A Break

It was tiring standing around all day…

When I arrived home, I was past out from 8:00 to 10:00 AM.

Conor: ROFL

for those that can’t read the sign I’m holding, here is some artwork


| I’m with |
| Stupid | Joe Matt
| -----> |

Remind me not to wear a hat that a)doesn’t fit and b)is backward when my hair is up. Why did I post this picture??

Sara…was that my hat? You sneaky little devil…i’m sending the chicken after you.

Hmm… let’s see… I can top that.

Monty Ended at like… what? 6 or 7? Sure… so:

6 or 7 to 8: Drive to and hang out at Corey’s.
8-9: Go to a fake hometown buffet and wait outside for what seemed to be an hour.
9ish: Drive to Applebees since wait was shorter and food would be better anyways.
9-11 Eat at Applebees
11-11:30ish; with one incident ommited cause i still can’t believe it happened; drive to Emmmmm 303’s house to drop her off
11:45-12ish to 3am: Drive back to CT, drop off people, and finally get home at 3-3:30 in the morning.

Sleep was from 4am to 7pm Sunday!!! Yeah, I was a bit tired. good thing all I had to do on Sunday was get gas in my car for work travel this week.

And, I gotta be back to sleep in a few, and at work in the morning at 8am. Fun fun fun.

w00t for far away FIRST related mini vacations.