pic: The Robettes after MN Competition

The Robettes + their Mentors after competition.

good job! you gals did good in KC(we were the homeschool team…) but looks like you did better at MN… way to go!

You guys look great everyone in team Herobotics 2500 is so proud of you kick butt all girl team. Go robettes

-Aaron Smothers ( the guy that fell on his way to recieve his award & and the dancing guy :yikes:)

Hi Robettes,

This is the team that got pummeled in the quarterfinals… Well, your win was much deserved and wanted to extend congratulations. Next year, we promise to put up a better fight without a failing autonomous or loose chains… :slight_smile:

Good luck post season and next build season!

Captain, Team 2502

Thanks so much! Everyone was awesome and made the competition that much better! I am making a pile of pics on Flickr of the competition so if you have some you’d like to share pm me!!! Thanks again

  • Hannah:D

Thanks to all teams who made the MN regional so much fun to be apart of. We appreciated being alliances with everyone that we were able to, and for those who we just got to speak with, that was fun too!
Hope to see you all soon and good luck if any are going to atlanta
Alicia Albrecht
Captain, team 2177