pic: The RoboBees' 2015 Control System Alpha Testing Progress

The RoboBees have finished installing the new 2015 Control System on their 2013 competition robot. Here are a few pictures of the process.

The robot is currently in transit to New Hampshire where it will meet up with the other 8 alpha test teams.

For more information about the process please check out our website, specifically our Alpha Testing Blog.

The first photo is the “electronics board” prior to being installed on the robot. There are still a few wires that needed to be terminated on the robot once installed. The top right picture provides a quick glimpse of what the control system looks like from the front of the robot. The shooter is removed for clarity. The bottom right picture shows the fully assembled robot that was placed in the crate Sunday.

For more pictures, be sure to check out the blog.

Let us know if you have any questions.

what’s the IDE cable go to?

Are referring to the connection port near the center of the roboRIO? If so, it is our understanding that FIRST and NI are leaving that available for teams to further develop. There are extra DIO, PWM, Analog In, etc connections that can be tapped into by teams, if desired.

If you are referring to the D-Sub connector just beside the PD board, that is our sensor connection point for our shooter.

We will have back-to-back workshops at VCU on Saturday 23 Nov, if you would like to see the system up close and in person.

It’s the green connector. It’s not an IDE, sorry, it’s an old parallel printer cable. OR that’s what it reminds me of. My team is running a session as well @ VCU. I will make it a point to poke my head in and take a closer look. I should be a fun day :]

The green connector is a 50 pin D-Sub connector that we are using as our “quick connect” for sensors between the electronics board and the shooter. We are able to drop the electronics board by removing 4 screws from underneath the robot and disconnecting the D-Sub, a few Anderson PowerPole connections, and a few other wires. Similarly, this gives us the ability to remove the shooter by removing 8 screws, the D-Sub, and a few Andersons.

You can buy them from Mouser Electronics, or plenty of other places in the web. We look forward to seeing you there.

Here is a link to an article about the roboRIO that a co-worker just sent me


Can you check the link? I could not get it to work on my end.


It looks like his hyperlink didn’t work. Just copy paste it. Or try this www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/hearst/ep1113/#/26

I wish we could be a beta-testing team! How’d you guys become one of the beta-testers? But great job! Looks great!

To be honest we do not know how we were selected to conduct Alpha testing this year. We have some ideas, but we do not know any of the selection criteria.

As far as Beta Testing goes, FIRST will send notify teams usually through an email blast for the application process. This year, FIRST sent out this Email Blast requesting all teams interested in participating in 2014 Beta Testing to complete a survey.

Again, we are doing Alpha Testing, which to our knowledge did not have a public registration period; Beta Testing is something you must apply for.

Thanks for the positive comments. Let me know if you need any further clarification.